Creative Commons Rights Back Resource

Welcome to the Creative Commons Rights Back Resource, where you can discover whether and how you may be able to reclaim your rights in your creative works that you previously relinquished to others. Our resource provides information about laws in countries that may allow you to recapture your rights, giving you the flexibility to make new decisions about how you want to share your works with others.

Many authors and creators give away control over their rights when they first publish. This includes assignments to traditional publishers who require a surrender all or many rights in exchange for being published in their journal or on their website. While these arrangements may sometimes be beneficial in the beginning for the author -- because of the prestige of the journal in which the paper is published, for example -- these arrangements often end up depriving authors and creators of their ability to share their works in the future, even after the publisher stops promoting the work.

This resource is for authors and creators who want to regain control over their rights. Depending on the law that governs the contract you signed, you can discover whether and when you can terminate an agreement that deprives you of the rights you want. Click on the map below or use our search box to learn more about laws that may allow you to reclaim your rights to share your work on your own terms.

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